Our philosophy at Heritage Motorcar Research Inc. is to give the best possible product to our customers. Our research scientist and engineer work closely with suppliers to develop and manufacture components. We use many of the same materials used in F-1™, IRL™ and CART™ racing. Engine machining is done in-house using the latest Porsche™ specified, computer-controlled equipment. All work is completed on a per-case basis; the number of hours spent is never an issue. In addition, information such as vehicle setup and dynamometer data is held in the strictest of confidence. It is our policy to not disclose information regarding a customer’s project.


Disclaimer: We are neither associated nor affiliated with F-1™, IRL™, CART™ or Porsche™. Those names are used for reference purposes only.

Jason L., M.S. Research Scientist
David L., Process Engineer (Consultant)
Lucas G., M.S. Mechanical Engineer (Consultant)
Jason B. H., Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Design, Finite Element Analysis
Hal G., Electrical Engineer